Upcoming 2020 HPDREs:
(done for the year, please check back later)

Welcome to High Performance Driver Education (HPDE)... Dominion Raceway style!

HPDRE is our in-house track day program. It is the next step on the "ladder of speed" after our
Track Attack & TrackCross events. HPDRE is all about the high speed driving of street, track, or race prepared
cars on our 2 mile, 12 turn road course. Not only will you learn to master the complexities of our track, you
will gain valuable driving technique and build skills that can only make you a safer driver on the street.
Entry fees start at $199 per day. We run four groups determined by driver experience.
Each group gets four 30min track sessions per day:

Green- beginner to novice drivers (est 0 to 5 HPDE days);
instructor & classroom provided; restricted passing with a point-by

Blue- novice to intermediate drivers (est 5 to 10 HPDE days);
check ride or solo; restricted passing with a point-by

Black- intermediate to advanced drivers (est 10 to 20+ HPDE days);
check ride or solo; passing anywhere with a point-by

Red- advanced/expert drivers, licensed racers, and instructors
(est 25+ HPDE days); check ride or solo; full open passing

[If you are not a beginner/novice/green driver but have not run with us before, please send a detailed
track driving resume to Jon Felton for blue/black/red/instructor approval BEFORE REGISTERING.]

If an event is marked as "Opentrack Format" event that means Green group is not offered.
We will run three groups, Blue or Black or Red, determined by driver experience as described above.
Each group gets three 30min track sessions alternating, then we have a 3 hour shared opentrack at the
end of the day for the drivers who have demonstrated proper skill and speed all morning.
This means a registered driver can get up to 4.5 hours of track time per day with the OT format! 

Closed-wheel/fendered cars only. Tech Form: click here (print, fill out, bring.)

All convertibles need to pass the "broomstick test" and may need
additional rollover protection, click here for the convertible rules document

Drivers must be 18+ with street license

In-car instructors are automatically provided for all Green group drivers

Check rides may be required for Blue, Black, and Red drivers

Certified/experienced instructors wanted, please inquire

Touring laps may be available during lunch for an additional $20/car


Questions? Please click here for the road course FAQ
More questions? Please email Jon Felton