FIND US • Exit 118 I95


6501 Dominion Raceway Av
Thornburg, VA 22580
October 13, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – October 14, 2018 @ 12:30 am
Dominion Raceway & Entertainment
6501 Dominion Raceway, Woodford, VA 22580

Zombies are everywhere and it is time to escape. Make your way to Zombie Escape at Dominion Raceway this October and get a ticket to ride one of our escape busses. We’ll drive you to a safe zone, but you’ll have to defend the bus against “live” zombies. A paintball market is hung from each window and it is your job to eliminate the zombies while we drive you to the safe location for extraction. Get ready for the most intense and fun horror thrill ride around.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2QFAPCn

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get shot with paintballs at on this ride?
No. All survivors only shoot at the zombies out of the bus. The guns are mounted and cannot be shot in the bus.
Will I need eye protection?
No eye protection is needed. You will not be shot with a paintball.
Is this ride messy? Do I need to bring a change of clothes or wear old shoes?
It is messy for the zombies, but not for you. You will only leave with a great experience and nothing will happen to your clothes during the ride.
Is this ride for all ages?
The minimum age for a paintball gunner is seven years old.
What if I have never used a paintball gun before?
It doesn’t matter; you will be able to use these with ease. No experience required.
How long is the ride?
The entire experience runs between 20-25 minutes.
Do I need a reservation?
It is highly recommended you reserve a specific time on our website, but it isn’t needed. Walk-ups are always welcome, but there might be a wait. You can wait inside and not in the cold.
Can I bring my own paintball gun?
You cannot bring your own paintball gun.
Can I bring my own paintballs?
You cannot bring your own paintballs
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, all gunners and riders will need to sign a waiver.
Do I have to wait outside?
No, you wait in the warmth and safety of the 118 Bar & Grill until your evacuation bus is ready to depart. You can also have a party with your friends in the 118 Bar & Grill before and/or your experience.
What happens when it rains?
You wait inside and ride on a climate controlled bus so it is very rare the Zombie Escape needs to shut down due to rain or weather.