FIND US • Exit 118 I95


6501 Dominion Raceway Av
Thornburg, VA 22580
October 13, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

CCC Track Day is a charity event organized by the Colonial Challenge Cup Inc, a 501 (c) (3), and provides the opportunity for you to bring your car to a racetrack and learn your real capabilities as a driver in a controlled environment under the tutelage of experienced instructors. You may think that you are a good driver; but by the end of the day, you will know the real truth! Without the restrictions of everyday traffic and standard road obstacles like the police, Sunday drivers and mini-vans, you will drive your own car (or a rental track car) on a racetrack for four twenty minute sessions with other drivers of similar experience. You will learn new driving techniques, revitalize the skills that you have forgotten and enjoy a safe, fun day with fellow enthusiasts. Learn more about the Colonial Challenge Cup at www.colonialchallengecup.org

This will be the first CCC Track Day to be held at Dominion Raceway and hopefully the first of many more. Please visit the Dominion Raceway website and have a look at the track and top class facilities. As well as all the ‘unique’ characteristics of a CCC Track Day, we are delighted to introduce go-karting. Timed races will be held during the day with up to 12 drivers competing for the first CCC Track Day Karting trophy and of course bragging rights. We are working on some additional side events………. We expect a big crowd so sign up early: