FIND US • Exit 118 I95


6501 Dominion Raceway Av
Thornburg, VA 22580

Let’s go old school?  Side by side racing like it used to be; no prep, no time … just bragging rights.
The DR Street Racers Association is open to any car with a valid inspection, current registration and
DOT tires ONLY.  Start on a “Heads Up” Sportsman Tree and then brag about who was first to the line.

$20 to race or $10 to watch! 

2018 Season starts March 4th, click here!

(click here to check our calendar for later events)

Motorcycles are welcome to run against other motorcycles
as long as they meet the following conditions:

Pants and Jackets
-Kevlar or leathers
-Elbow, knee, and back protection
-or Leather Racing Suit
-Must be leather
-Over the ankle riding boots
-Full face DOT/SNELL approved