FIND US • Exit 118 I95


6501 Dominion Raceway Av
Thornburg, VA 22580

Dominion Raceway is still in the process of constructing a state of the art 1/8th mile Drag Strip.
While that project is being completed, we had the idea to use the front straightaway of our road course:

Let’s go old school?  Side by side racing like it used to be; no prep, no time … just bragging rights.
The DR Street Racers Association is open to any car with a valid inspection, current registration and
DOT tires ONLY.  Start on a “Heads Up” Sportsman Tree and then brag about who was first to the line.


$20 to race and only $5 to watch!  Gates open at 6 pm and the first race is at 7 pm.

Come race on every Wednesday of each month and many Fridays:

(click here to check our calendar for specific Fridays)

All Friday Events - Gates open at 6 pm and the first race is after 7 pm

Motorcycles are welcome to run against other motorcycles
as long as they meet the following conditions:

Pants and Jackets
-Kevlar or leathers
-Elbow, knee, and back protection
-or Leather Racing Suit
-Must be leather
-Over the ankle riding boots
-Full face DOT/SNELL approved